Natural Methods To Dehumidify Your Home


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Being comfortable and maintaining a healthy levels of home air purification is important because of a number of reasons. humid climate causes the human body to be less effective in release heat, which causes us to sweat more. A humid house also creates ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria as well as dust mites.

A humid home is also susceptible to mold growth. Dr. Joseph Mercola says that people tend to underestimate the dangers of mold.

Mold can cause severe illness or even death, something that many people don’t know. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, all molds have the potential to cause health problems."

The most serious health issues caused by prolonged exposure to mold include headaches, stress muscles and joint discomfort, flu-like symptoms respiratory issues and fatigue. Therefore, it is vital to take the necessary steps to maintain the humidity in your home in the range of 30 - 50%.

How Do You Know You Need to Dehumidify Your Home

In addition to the health symptoms listed above there are other indicators that indicate that indicate the levels of humidity inside your home are too high. Spots of mold on ceilings or corners may suggest excessive moisture.

Condensation, usually found on windows, is a different indicator of high humidity within a home. Also, look out for smelly or musty smells, as well as rotting wood. If you spot any of these symptoms take a look at the humidity levels in your home as quickly as you can using a home testing kit. Reduce the humidity in your home if it is more than 50 percent..

The most natural ways to dehumidify and dehumidify your home

The most efficient method to crawl space encapsulation an apartment is by using a dehumidifier. These machines can be expensive and consume a lot of power. Dehumidifiers may cause dry air in your home and can cause new problems. There are natural ways to dehumidify your home.




To absorb the moisture

If you put containers of calcium chloride in problem areas in your home You should notice an immediate decrease in humidity levels. It is possible to find this powdered chemical in large hardware stores. It is a natural absorber of moisture in the air and is quite affordable.

You may sell your home

The most efficient and cost-effective way to decrease humidity in your home is to increase ventilation. It is as simple as opening your doors and windows frequently. In order to keep the air moving, it might be worthwhile to put in fans in the areas with problems. It's also a good idea to place extractor fans in places that are most susceptible to excessive humidity including the attic or kitchen.

Clear Away Indoor Plants

The humidity levels can be determined by the quantity of water that plants release into the environment. Remove all live potted plants outside, and replace them with synthetic alternatives indoors.

Shorter showers are preferred

The bathroom, and in particular the shower is the main source of humidity in houses. Be sure to turn the ventilation fans running during your shower, and that the windows and doors remain open for at least 30 minutes. You can cut down on the amount of moisture your home gets by reducing the time spent in the shower.

Vent Dryers

Drying your clothes by line is superior to using dryer. If you do have to use a dryer, however be sure that it's completely vented. Condenser dryers are another option, as it traps most of the moisture within the internal reservoir.

Install an Solar Air Heater

Although it may be expensive to install a solar heating system, it is the best method to deal with a constant and serious humidity issue. The heater draws fresh air from outside. The air is then dried, heated, and filtered before being returned to the home.

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